2018 Band Individual Photos

Anjeanette Photograhy - Marching Band Photographer

Photo courtesy of Anjeanette Photography (all rights reserved)

This year we have selected Anjeanette Photography for our individual, buddy, small group, sibling, and large group photos. Anjeanette is a professional photographer who regularly photographs marching bands and color guards. She is also a band parent here in the valley. This past season she was the official photographer for a number of WGI competitions. If you haven’t taken time to check out her photos, you really should.

For those of you who’ve been in band, this year the individual photo payment process is a little different.

  • This year, rather than each family having to choose packages, there is a nominal cost for each student that will give you access to the photo gallery.
  • You’ll be able to download as many photos as you want. The downloads will be ‘web ready’ but will not be high-resolution.
  • If you want to purchase high resolution downloads or prints, you’ll order them directly from the photographer which will allow you to choose exactly what you want without having to buy sizes you’re not interested in.

If you purchase prints, they will be mailed to the address you designate. No more relying on your kids to give you the photos or digging through their backpacks hoping the photos aren’t crushed.

Payment Due Date: September 15, 2018
Cost Per Family:  

  • One Student in Band – $21.00
  • Two Students in Band – $32.00
  • Three Students in Band – $42.00

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