State Championships Schedule!

There has been a schedule change for Saturday.  There are two schedules one if we do win and one if we don’t Please see below information on the championships at Glendale Community College:
Admission for the event is: (this is per division)
$10.00 for adults
5 and under free
2015 ABODA State Championships
Glendale Community College
59th ave and Olive
SCHEDULE #1 in the event we do NOT receive 1st place:
7:45 attendance, load trucks, change into half uniform
8:30 depart for GCC
9:00 arrive at GCC, unload
9:35 head to visual warm up area
9:40 visual warm-up
10:10 head to music warm-up area
10:15 music warm-up
10:45 trail to gate
11:00 Performance!
11:15 last band performs
11:45 Awards Ceremony
12:00 back to the trucks, load, depart GCC
12:30 arrive and unload, go celebrate with your families!
SCHEDULE #2 in the event we DO receive 1st place:
7:45am to 11:45 same as above….then….
12:00 back to the trucks, load, depart GCC
12:30 arrive at SMHS, get picked up to go home
5:45 call time, change into half uniform
6:15 depart for GCC
6:45 arrive at GCC, unload
7:25 head to visual warm-up
7:30 visual warm-up
7:55 head to music warm-up
8:00 music warm-up
8:30 trail to gate
8:45 Champion Performance!
9:00 (div. 2 champion performance)
9:15 Division 1 Awards
9:30 head back to trucks, load up, leave GCC
10:15 arrive, unload
Natan Simon
Director of Bands
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Shea Middle School (602) 449-3500
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